Ideas for 2020

Currently we have been shooting twice a week, Monday and Sunday with points awarded from 1st place 9 points down to 5th place 1 point. Only the top 24 points are recorded with a maximum score of 216.

The rationale has been to reward regular attendance but to also have the overall winner be awarded to the best archer. So far I think the system has work reasonably well.

Some ideas for changes have been:

Once an archer has reached 216 they can’t claim anymore points, so maximum points are available to other archers

Currently there is a handicap system of sorts. New archers start at 10m and shoot 18 arrows. The distance that they start scoring at is based on that first score with the aim that they score around 450 when shooting 60 arrows.

I thought that we could combine two ideas. Having more people reaching the 216 will lead to a exciting shoot off at the end of the year. The rest of the year becomes a qualifier. The problem being once an archer achieves 216 there isn’t much motivation to keep turning up but then most people are social anyway.

The second part is, everyone has to do their first shoot at 10m and if they score:

  • < 325 move to 6m
  • < 402 move to 8m
  • < 450 move to 10m
  • < 483 move to 12m
  • < 506 move to 14m
  • < 523 move to 16m
  • >= 537 move to 18m

From then on every time 450+ is scored the archer moves back 2m. I selected 450 as I thought it is a good score to get, it could easily be higher or lower. The whole notion is to remove the hurdle of feeling not good enough to participate. If everybody has to do it then no one will feel singled out as “new”. Not to mention I think it would be fun to shoot at 10m and score a personal best.

If there are other ideas please add them in the comments, or we can leave things as they are if that is preferred, and we can work out if there is a better way that leads to a more interesting year.