Heidelberg / Yarra Bowmen Friendly

We will be having a friendly with Yarra Bowmen on the 2nd and 10th.

The 2nd will be down at the YB field in Bulleen. It is located off Bulleen rd behind the Carey Sports Complex.

We will be shooting a short Canberra which is:

30 arrows at:

  • 50 meters
  • 40 meters
  • 30 meters

for a total of 90 arrows.

Scoring starts at 10am so be sure to get there early get set up and set your sights.

Formal Shoots

Heidelberg Archers ran a second formal shoot on Monday night. Shoots are held twice a week a 10:30 am Sundays and 7:30 pm Mondays.
There was a good turn out with eight archers competing. And once again the shooting tried to mimic more closely tournament conditions.

If you like Archery, and who doesn’t, consider coming along and taking part.

It is easy to get involved in Archery!

Interested in the sport of Archery but don’t feel ready to compete. Heidelberg Archers are introducing a way to ease you into the sport.
First – During warm up they will get you to score 18 arrows at 10m.
Second – Depending on your score your target will be set at a distance that is comfortable and will give you a respectable score.
Third – Every time you score 400 out of a possible 600 your target will move back 2m until you are shooting the full distance.

Heidelberg Archers meet:
10:30am Sundays
7:30pm Mondays

You wont feel like you have been thrown into the deep end.