Monday – 6th club shoot

Monday saw the beginning of the Heidelberg Archers Shooting year; starting in Summer.
We had five member attending with 3 shooting, I (Glenn) had a lot of beginners at the centre so my attention was elsewhere and David who had done his shoulder in has to wait 2 weeks before shooting again.
This leaves Cory (compound), Richard (recurve) and Victor (recurve)to battle it out.

ROUND – World Archery 18m

The night managed to bring out the best from Cory and Richard with both recording personal bests. Victor is taking a long term view and is at the moment concentrating on his technique and flinging a lot of arrows down the range.

Cory 271 + 263 = 534

Richard 242 + 243 = 485
Victor 225 + 246 = 471

Club Championship
1st. Cory – 9 points
1st. Richard – 9 points
2nd. Victor – 7 points

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