The inaugural Sunday indoor archery shoot

The 11th of December saw the inaugural shoot starting from 10am till 12pm on Sundays.

Event – World Archery Indoor Archery Round
18m, 60 arrows, Compounds score an inner ten.


With the unusual situation of only one compound shooter in attendance Cory extended his lead in his division with another 9 points. I’m guessing Cory is not a morning person taking 30 arrows to warm up.

Cory – 247 + 261 = 508

The Recurve division was more contested with four archers competing. This was the first scoring round for Frank and Andrew in a very long time and Andrew did well to keep it on the target as 18m on the small target in further then he is used to. Frank also warmed up as the comp progressed scoring 30 better in the second half. James and Dougal are finding the gold with greater frequency with both putting in some very good ends but James managed to hold off Dougal and take todays winn.

James – 232 + 229 = 461

Dougal – 208 + 214 = 422

Frank – 167 + 197 = 364

Andrew – 104 + 95 = 199

Monday – 6th club shoot

Monday saw the beginning of the Heidelberg Archers Shooting year; starting in Summer.
We had five member attending with 3 shooting, I (Glenn) had a lot of beginners at the centre so my attention was elsewhere and David who had done his shoulder in has to wait 2 weeks before shooting again.
This leaves Cory (compound), Richard (recurve) and Victor (recurve)to battle it out.

ROUND – World Archery 18m

The night managed to bring out the best from Cory and Richard with both recording personal bests. Victor is taking a long term view and is at the moment concentrating on his technique and flinging a lot of arrows down the range.

Cory 271 + 263 = 534

Richard 242 + 243 = 485
Victor 225 + 246 = 471

Club Championship
1st. Cory – 9 points
1st. Richard – 9 points
2nd. Victor – 7 points

Heidelberg Archer’s Competition Calender

Starts Monday 5th December

Yearly champion – points accumulated over the year December to the end of November with the top 24 scores going to your overall score.

1st – 9 points
2nd – 7 points
3rd – 5 points
4th – 3 points
5th – 1 point

18m WA – 5th
18m Aust – 12th
Matchplay – 19th
(Boxing Day)
18m WA – 2nd
18m Aust – 9th
18m WA – 16th
18m Aust – 23rd
Matchplay – 30th
18m WA – 6th
18m Aust – 13th
18m WA – 20th – Summer Season Special – double points
Matchplay – 27th

Let the games begin!

Heidelberg Archers suggested trophy
Heidelberg Archers suggested trophy